Local is a research-based design firm building innovative, resilient, and environmentally just landscapes.

We are well-versed in best practice resilience and urbanism and deeply rooted with a strong understanding of coastal cities and landscapes.
We engage with the communities we work in, leveraging their knowledge and lived experiences of ‘the local’ to create culturally and ecologically authentic places.
Our analysis
We are devoted site analysts that listen first to maximize landscape performance.
We integrate environmental science with community-led design to prepare cities for climate change.
Our creative process
We draw by hand and embrace the iterative process.
Our workflow
We visualize potential designs to assess schemes and incorporate client feedback.

Our team includes talent from various backgrounds, including expertise in public realm improvements and federally-backed infrastructure investment strategies.

Walter Rodríguez Meyer
Founding Principal
Tricia Martin
Associate Principal
Tom Asbery
Federal Works Director
Vincent Di Fusco
Technical Director
Scott Davis
Resiliency and FEMA Lead
Ishaan Kumar
Chrysothemi Kouloumentas
Urban Designer
Eleanor Gibson
Yasmine Katkhuda
Jack Kranes
Office Assistant
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We are always looking for new talent to join our team.
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